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Tips For Complete Recovery After Root Canal Treatment

posted on September 14th, 2015

Root Canal Treatment In Bangalore

Root Canal Treatment is one of the best ways to save your natural tooth, but due to mis-information, people fear this ‘tooth-saving’ dental procedure and avoid visiting their dentist. It is important to note here that even if some people may find the procedure painful, it has many long term benefits for your oral health. Here is an informative article on recovery after root canal treatment, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd-the best dental clinic in Koramangala and MG Road, Bangalore.

Although the infected, part of your tooth will be removed, there will still be a period of continued healing while your body heals the area surrounding your tooth. In most of the cases, healing occurs naturally and symptoms like pain and swelling will subside; but even after week you don’t experience healing, then you must consult your dentist.

After your treatment, you can get back to your normal daily activities, after the anaesthesia has worn off.

After the dental anaesthesia wears off; you can eat and drink normally. You may however experience sensitivity after the root canal procedure, especially when chewing. It is always better to use the other side of your mouth for chewing, while the nerves, tissues and ligaments surrounding your treated tooth recover. Till your tooth heals completely, it is always better to eat soft food, to avoid any discomfort.

During your recovery period, you may experience some discomfort and pain, which is quite normal. To help you manage post-treatment discomfort or tenderness, your dentist may prescribe some medicines. If you still have some apprehensions regarding the procedure or pain associated with it, contact Ridgetop Dental International’s expert dentists in Indiranagar, today!

Filling material

If your dentist used temporary filling material for your teeth, it may wear off in-between appointments. But, if the entire filling comes out, contact your endodontist.


A good dentist, like Ridgetop Dental International’s dentists can help you with fast recovery and can give you a pain-free treatment experience with the help of sedation dentistry. If you have any concerns regarding this procedure, contact Ridgetop Dental International-the best centre for root canal treatment in Bangalore.

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