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Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Should Always Be Done By An Expert

posted on October 16th, 2015

We all want our pearly whites to remain that way forever, but poor dietary choices, some antibiotics, smoking and normal ageing can cause our teeth to start losing their sheen and natural color. Most of the people, in order to get make their teeth white again, spend a lot of money on over-the-counter teeth whitening products, but the results are often disastrous. Let’s take a look at some top reasons, why teeth whitening should always be done by an expert like Ridgetop Dental International’s cosmetic dentists in Bangalore.

What harm can Over the Counter whitening products do to your teeth?

Over the counter (OTC) whitening agents may seem like a convenient option, but they should be avoided at all costs, due to the following reasons-

Applying whitening or bleaching chemicals to damaged teeth can cause painful and irreversible damage to your teeth that may require root canal treatment. OTC whitening agents contain chemicals that have the ability to penetrate a cracked tooth or unfilled cavity, leading to their further damage.

This is the reason why Ridgetop Dental International’s experts for cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Bangalore advice that a thorough dental exam MUST be done before whitening products are used.

Some over-the-counter whitening agents are applied with overnight whitening trays, which should be absolutely avoided by people with teeth grinding or TMJ disorders. Also, OTC whitening trays do not conform to the shape of your teeth; as a result, there is always a risk of chemicals reaching your gums causing burning and irritation. If you overuse OTC tooth whitening products, they may cause your teeth to become sensitive.

Professional tooth whitening at Ridgetop Dental International offers the patients with pre-treatment examination and thorough assessment, so that patients may have realistic expectations from their whitening benefits. The experts at Ridgetop Dental International can help you achieve maximum results in the fastest time, giving your teeth long-lasting and healthy shine that you would love to flaunt.

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