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Orthodontics Is Not Just for Kids—It’s Also Important for Adults to Ensure Proper Functionality

posted on December 26th, 2016

Teeth Straightening   Advanced Dentistry In India

Orthodontic treatment is a crucial aspect of an effective dental care plan. It is typically associated with children and teens, but adults can benefit from it too, especially when the misalignment of the teeth and jaw starts to cause problems like a bad bite, speech difficulties, and TMJ disorders. Crooked and crowded teeth may be harder to clean, too, resulting in an increased risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and loss of teeth. With proper orthodontics, teeth can be straightened to correct the bite and jaw alignment to help kids and adults chew, speak, and smile confidently and properly.


Orthodontics is more commonly known as ‘braces’ and both children and adults can get them. Treatment can begin as early as the age of eight. Adults can have braces even at 50 years old. As long as the teeth and jaw bone are still healthy and capable of moving or adjusting, then orthodontic treatment is still viable. Of course, you need to work with an experienced and skilled orthodontist in Bangalore who will create a customized treatment plan and choose the right orthodontic instruments that are appropriate for your age and oral health needs.


In children, orthodontics typically start between the ages of eight and 14 for best results. At the early development stages of the jaw bone, teeth can be measured via diagnostic radiographs to anticipate the areas where permanent teeth will grow. It guides orthodontists on how braces can guide the teeth to grow in the right direction and modify the alignment of the jaw for stability.


Teeth can move regardless of age, so adults can have braces regardless of age, too. Seasoned Orthodontists in M G Road believe that it is never too late to have a beautiful smile and a good bite. They use modern orthodontic technologies and provide newer solutions that can reduce the treatment period to 18 to 24 months. Some braces are invisible, so you do not have to worry about feeling self-conscious when wearing them. To know more about invisible braces, you can seek an appointment at Ridgetop Dental International.

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