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A Primer On Root Canal Treatment

posted on July 30th, 2014

Gone are the days when the only solution in case of a tooth with an infected pulp was to remove them. Today, with a skillfully done root canal treatment, it is possible to not only save the tooth from being removed or lost but also prolong its life. With Ridgetop Dental’s expert endodontist performing root canal treatment in Bangalore, your root canal experience can be fairly painless and safe.

Let’s have a brief understanding of the Root Canal treatment:

What is it?

A root canal treatment, also referred to as endodontics, is done when the pulp - a small, thread-like tissue present in the central area of a tooth - becomes infected or badly decayed. During the root canal treatment, the infected or damaged pulp is removed and the inside region of the tooth is cleaned, shaped, filled and eventually the root canal is sealed. The pulp may become damaged or diseased due to a variety of reasons, such as -  
An injury to the tooth
A deep cavity
A cracked tooth

Why is it important to remove the Pulp?

When the pulp or a nerve tissue of a tooth becomes diseased or damaged, it becomes ineffective. As a result of this proliferation of bacteria occurs within the pulp chamber. This may lead to further infection, as the bacteria, along with other decayed debris, can spread the infection past the end of the tooth’s root. This can consequently lead to an abscessed tooth, which essentially means that a pus-filled pocket develops at the end of the tooth’s root. The infection may also result in other problems such as bone loss in the area surrounding the tip of the root or swelling that may eventually spread to other body parts, including the neck, face or head.

Signals That You May Require a Root Canal -

At times, there are chances that the symptoms are not present. However, following is a list of some common signs that should alarm you about the possibility of tooth decay and the need to go for a root canal treatment.

Terrible toothache upon application of pressure or chewing
Occurrence of pimples, of recurring or persistent nature, on the gums
Tenderness and swelling in the nearby gums
Discoloration of the affected tooth.

Root canal treatment may be a tedious affair and chances are that over the course of the treatment, you may need to make two or more visits to endodontist in Bangalore. At Ridgetop’s dental clinic in Bangalore, you can be rest assured about having your dental problems answered and restoring your oral health.

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