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Are Porcelain Veneers The Right Choice For You?

posted on January 20th, 2015

For those looking to improve the appearance of their teeth without lengthy dental procedures, veneers are the best solution. Veneers are a great option to make your teeth look whiter, straighter, more even, and more attractive. However, not every person is a candidate for veneers. During your initial consultation, Ridgetop Dental International’s expert cosmetic dentists and orthodontists in Bangalore will conduct a full oral exam to determine whether or not porcelain veneers are right for you. Read on to find out more.

Why dental veneers are not for everyone?

Dental veneers are not appropriate for everyone or every tooth. Case selection is an extremely important factor in the success of this technique. Veneering teeth is not a reversible procedure if tooth structure must be removed to achieve your desired result. When you visit the offices of Ridgetop Dental International for veneers in Bangalore, an expert will examine your mouth to determine whether dental veneers are appropriate for making the changes you want.

Who are not the ideal candidates?

Most patients who are looking to correct permanent cosmetic flaws are good candidates for porcelain veneers, because there is no surgery involved and the procedure is minimally invasive. Veneers may not be the right solution for you if you have the following problems:

If you have serious decay issues, gingivitis, cracked teeth, or gum disease, you are not a good candidate for veneers. Patients who severely clench or grind their teeth are not good candidates for veneers. If you don’t have enough enamel left on your tooth, you are not a good candidate. Severely misaligned teeth can cause problems for your veneers.


Dental veneers can chip or come off if not cared for properly. To improve their durability and longevity you need to maintain consistent good oral hygiene and have regular dental examinations and cleanings at an expert dental clinic like Ridgetop Dental International Pvt Ltd. Ridgetop Dental International has some of the best cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists and endodontists in Bangalore who are experts in dental care and will help you achieve a beautiful smile with modern dental procedures.

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